Drakoula Series

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Ready for an action-packed drama series to watch? Our team has a great recommendation that you have to begin watching today. Season two (Fasle 2) of the Hayoola series has been released and it has been titled the Dracula series. This series includes great acting performances by Galareh Abbasi, Mohammad Bahrani, Nima Shabannejad, Mehran Modiri, Vishka Asayesh, and Sima Tirandaz.

This series starts with a couple by the names of Jaleh Kabiri and Kamran Kamrava who have been married for three years. They decide to throw a grand birthday party with everyone there including all of their friends and family to show off the valuable possessions they own. But things start to take a twist as something unexpected happens.

Kamran gets a phone call that her son has been arrested for setting up betting sites abroad and agents are now coming for him. Kamran Kamrava has to leave as she has been money laundering and does not want to get caught. He then jumps on her private helicopter and leaves. But what will happen next? How will the party react? Does her wife know what she has done?

Start watching this series today to find out what happens!