Aroose Istanbuli Duble – Part 244

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Aroose Istanbuli Duble Series Info

Summary of Aroose Istanbuli (Bride of Istanbul)

Faruk is the owner of a bus company and the leader of a powerful family in Bursa which is a metro-pol in Turkey. Faruk meets a violinist girl and falls in love with her. But the dominant mother of Faruk isn’t happy with her son’s relationship.

More About this amazing Turkish Series

Bride of Istanbul is based on a real love story, a young beautiful singer Ülkü Üst and a young businessman Ali Sarpkan felt love and married in 1975. Ülkü Üst was the singer of the girl band Beyaz Kelebekler (White Butterflies) and married with Ali Sarpkan. But Ali Sarpkan’s family was a traditionalist family and they didn’t accept Ülkü at first, Ülkü tried everything to save her marriage even at the cost of losing her career as a singer.

The storyline of the series of this love story is modernized and included more complex relationships. Ülkü’s name is changed to Süreyya and is played by Aslı Enver and Ali’s name is changed to Faruk and played by Özcan Deniz.

Faruk is a young and rich and a modern businessman, but his family is led by his mother Esma (played by İpek Bilgin) who is a hard traditionalist and ultimate decision maker. Esma was planning Faruk to marry with İpek (played by Dilara Aksüyek) Süreyya is played by Aslı Enver, is a modern artist and who lost her parents and raised by her aunt. They fall in love in İstanbul and they got married without Faruk’s family’s approval. Faruk brings Süreyya to his 400-year-old family mason and the situation becomes more than a cultural conflict.

Later in the first season, the audience was surprised by Faruk’s background. This may be a big spoiler, so we need to say that the storyline has major differences with the original story.

This series is a bit different from common eastern and western conflict. It’s about tradition and modern choices also woman’s situation is also subjected. Süreyya is a strong character, Faruk’s mother is also a strong character, however, the main conflict is women’s situation on society, Süreyya defends a feminst line; standing on her own feet, can make her own decisions, and she does not have to obey the societal assertiveness. By contrast with Süreyya, Esma defends a traditional line; in spite of dominating the house she defends patriarchal structure, she thinks that woman has the duty to keep the family together and defends it from all threats comes from outside.

Özcan Deniz is best known from famous drama Asmalı Konak, later he starred in many romantic tv series and movies. We can say he is the romantic star of Turkish television.
Aslı Enver is a young actress and she was married with Birkan Sokullu in 2012, the couple divorced in 2015 and Aslı Enver started a relationship with famous singer Murat Boz. In 2017 Murat Boz caught in a fun night with Bahar-Nihal Candan sisters that caused the couple’s breakup. Iw was also rumored that after breaking up with Murat Boz, Aslı Enver started to date with Özcan Deniz, but this was falsified by both.

The Bride of Istanbul is really loved by Turkish audience. Somehow the series attracted a wide range of people in different social classes. The second season scores better in ratings.